We get it … you’re busy.

57% of you, as a small to medium-sized business, work six or more days each week, and 62% of you log 50+ hour work weeks, according to Gallup.

Gotta meet payroll, follow up with that customer, make sure inventory is squared away … but what about sales and marketing? Do you have an iota of energy left over for that? We at Content with Teeth have an answer. Let us do it.

We provide digital and content marketing to build leads and rank you higher on search engines. We handle your marketing, so you can ace your small business growth. Check us out.

Make Life Easier

What We Do.


We produce words and punctuation strung together in a rich amalgam. Blogging, sales copy, white papers, eBooks and press releases that produce leads and rank you higher on search engines.


We create stunning visual content whether it’s Facebook, About Us or how-to videos as well as commercials.

Social Media

We’ll transport you to the dazzling realm of social networks whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others. We’ll generate concrete leads and build your brand.

Email Marketing

We’ll build a campaign, grow your list and skyrocket leads. We’ll tweak with A/B testing and analytics.


We’ll build, manage and measure effective PPC campaigns on Google AdWords and Bing that will sweep in waves of traffic and leads. We’ll use analytics to prove conversions and a solid ROI.


We’ll follow up on our lead generation with sales support and jump-start your revenue.

These are just some of our services. Make life easier for your small or medium-sized business and sign up for a free consultation today!

Make Life Easier

  • Results

Content with Teeth achieves mind-blowing results for their clients. Consider the example of LeBlond Ltd., an Ohio-based manufacturing company.

  • By enacting a digital marketing campaign, CWT helped LeBlond achieve a sales increase of 248% in 2014.
  • CWT helped LeBlond increase leads, as outbound machine quotes increased by 211% in 2014.
  • In 2015, CWT helped LeBlond increase traffic to their website by 27%.
  • CWT revamped LeBlond’s email marketing campaign in 2015 and increased subscriptions by 835%.
  • “LeBlond is a historic brand in manufacturing with a small business vibe. Content with Teeth and Michael Barnes have successfully re-engineered our marketing plan for the digital age. We have achieved robust growth over the last three years working with CWT. I recommend them to anyone who wants to outsource part of their sales and marketing in order to free up managerial resources on other aspects of the business.”

    - Aaron Juillerat, LeBlond Ltd. General Manager

  • see you soon.

Growth is an amazing phenomenon. Content with Teeth will implement digital and content marketing campaigns and grow the young roots of your company into a blooming, lead-generating, revenue-growing behemoth of beauty.

Every day for you as a small and medium-sized business is a struggle for time. Invoices, phone calls to vendors, customer requests … there’s too many tasks for each day! Take a break and chart a strategy for growth by turning over your marketing and sales to CWT. Make life easier and sign up for a free consultation with us today!

Make Life Easier

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